‘The Reasons People WILL Delay Progress in 2021’

Soon everyone will be making a list of things they plan to accomplish.

Otherwise known as New Years Resolutions.

They’ll be eerily similar to the ones they made for 2020 but it was so long ago they forgot and have never taken the time to compare their list from year to year for similarities / trends etc…

Here’s a list of reasons you’ll likely fall far short of your 2021 goals:

  1. You’re addicted to instant gratification. Otherwise stated you’re treating a marathon like a sprint.
  2. You’re consumed with the ‘little stuff’ that doesn’t matter (what you’ll wear, what you’ll eat etc..).
  3. Spending time-consuming social media.
  4. You’re waiting until you’re “ready”…

Reasons come first and answers come second. You’ll never be ready to make a jump in and start swimming.

  1. Staying in your head ‘deciding’ if it’s the RIGHT MOVE for you.
  2. Worrying about people judging you.
  3. Feeling selfish for wanting to change.
  4. Telling yourself the ‘timing isn’t right’ because of the pandemic, unfavourable weather, Christmas, upcoming school holiday break, summer holidays… and the list goes on.

Remember, start swimming.

  1. Worrying that you’re rushing it and will regret it later.
  2. Feeling that you’re unworthy and undeserving.
  3. You don’t surround yourself with people that can help you.

Your greatest successes come through other people… and the people that helped you get ‘here’ will likely not help you get ‘there’.

  1. You don’t track your progress and therefore don’t realize you’re actually making gains.
  2. You made a list of things you want but not a list of WHY you want them.

When I do a water fast, I create a list of reasons WHY I want to complete it and each time I get hungry rather than grabbing a glass of my favourate soft drink… I read my list of REASONS.

BOOM… thirst subsided and bigger picture dominates the little picture.

  1. This one needs to be the first and the last.

‘You’re addicted to instant gratification. Otherwise stated you’re treating a marathon like a sprint’

New Years’ will be here soon enough, and this is YOUR YEAR to accomplish all your wants, hopes, and dreams.

Writing about Tiger Woods ‘What was a practice day like with Tiger Woods at his peak?’  Matthew Rudy says ‘from the minute Tiger Woods showed up as a 2-year-old in 1978, his natural talent was formidable and obvious. But a big part of what has made Woods the dominant player of the last 25 years is his combination of talent and relentless drive to get better.’

The 14-time major winner thrived on the grind of constantly tweaking and improving his swing.

Woods would begin his day at 6 a.m with the first of two daily workouts, hit the range for a two-hour session on full swings and short game, play nine holes, spend two more hours at the range, play another nine, then finish the day at the course with at least an hour at the practice green. He would return home at 6 p.m. and do his second workout before heading to dinner at 7:30.

My point is whatever endeavour you are doing, remember that ‘Everybody is coming for your spot. The ones that stay are the ones that work hard.”

Make it a daily, weekly, monthly thing of knowing that as you step into your practice, shop, marketplace or whatever field you are not likely to come across many others who have outworked you. Make 2021 your year and not of the same old grind.

You heard it here first.

Brian Maphosa

You change the world with your actions… not your resolutions not carried through.

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